Photo: Roger Levien/Audubon Photography Awards

1500 miles

to the gem

I call home

1500 miles


my tropical paradise

where I climbed

fruit trees

dashed through

ocean breeze


decorate its sky


in clear rivers

that borne the love

of islanders

like me

1500 miles

my young heart beats

on a green verandah


Black Woman: I Am Everything!

Six black women who create space for healing, art, and wellness
Source: WLRN

In the words of Fannie Lou Hamer, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

I’m tired of having to reprogram myself against the false narratives and stereotypes that belittle Black women. …

Artwork from Alexis Tsegba —diversity of Black people
ARTWORK FROM LEFT: Alexis Tsegba, “Come As You Are,” 2019; “Interconnected,” 2019

What is our Black without the history of colonization?

It is unadulterated

An untainted history

It is free



It is uncaged

and unstolen

It is invention and creation

Knowledge and wealth

It is Math and Science

Art and Music

It is endless possibilities

And endless paths to success

Kellion Knibb

Lover of words and expressions. ✨ Uncovering truth for myself and whoever identifies.

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